Create Your 3D Face Social Media Image

Create Your 3D Face Social Media Image



such a photo is trending a lot on all these short video platforms like instagram reels tiktok youyube shorts so you are requested to make a photo like this and upload it on any short video platform

How To Make This Photo?

.First Of All You Have To Click On The Link Give Below



1.a teenage boy sitting on a mountain in front of lord shiva, the boy is wearing a shirt and Pankaj name is written on it, in 2d cartoon

2.Create a 3D illustration of an animated character sitting casually on top of the social media logo ……………. The character should wear casual modern clothes like jeans jacket and sneakers shoes. The background of the image is a social media profile page with the username ………………. and a profile picture that matches

3.A couple is giving a gift. Happy new year 2024 has to be written on the wall behind Anshu has to be written on the boy’s t-shirt and sulochana has to be written on the girl t-shirt

4.Create a 3D illusion for a WhatsApp profile picture where a boy ina black
shirt sits casually on a WingbackChair. Wearing sneakers ,a blackcricket cap, and sunglasses, he looksahead. The background features “your name” in big and capital white fonts
on the black wal. There should not
be his shadow, and there are wings to make it appear as if he is an angel

Copy Any One Promt And Paste On Website They Make 4 Pics For You

How To Add You face On Photo

Click On This Site For Create Image With Your Photo


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