Honest Review on Earning Money by playing Ludo on FirstGames?

Hey, everyone! We’re all familiar, with the game of Ludo from our childhood days spent playing with friends, family and relatives. Did you know that nowadays you have the opportunity to make some cash while playing Ludo?

In the past Ludo was a fun game, without any monetary rewards but now you can actually earn money by playing it online.

Have you ever wondered which websites actually pay you to play Ludo? If you’ve tried searching for this on Google you may have come across websites. Many of them turn out to be fraudulent.

What is FirstGames?

A couple of years fantasy gaming gained popularity, in India leading to the inception of a gaming app company called FirstGames backed by Paytm. This app offers a variety of games for users to enjoy.

While many users gravitate towards games like Rummy and Cricket on FirstGames I’ll share insights on how you can make money playing Ludo on the FirstGames app in todays post.

You can easily download the FirstGames app on your Android or iOS device and rest assured that playing games on this platform is completely legal and secure. With quick withdrawals available you have the opportunity to earn cash through games such, as Ludo and Rummy.

How to Earn Money by playing Ludo?

Earning money through playing Ludo games, on FirstGames is quite simple. Firstly you need to download and install the FirstGames app on your device.

Once the installation is complete you will be prompted to grant permissions for some phone devices. Inside the app you will find a variety of games like Rummy, Cricket, Poker and Ludo. Simply select the Ludo option.

By choosing Ludo you can participate in matches with players. If you manage to emerge victorious in a game you will receive a cash prize as your reward, for winning.

In the FirstGames app you have the opportunity to make money not by gaming but, by referring friends. When you introduce someone to the app you receive ₹500 as a reward.

Moreover upon signing up for an account, on FirstGames you are instantly rewarded with a ₹50 bonus. This bonus can be utilized to enjoy games.


If you’re interested, in playing Ludo on the FirstGames App there’s no need to worry. Paytm created this game ensuring it’s a platform where you can earn money by playing games and withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

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