My Honest Review on Truelancer?

Hello Friends, are you unfamiliar with freelancing? Nowadays, many people with skills opt for freelancing over traditional employment.

Freelancing offers an opportunity to earn an income in a period. It involves utilizing your expertise to solve problems for clients in exchange for payment.

What is Truelancer?

Similar to known freelance platforms, India has also recently seen the emergence of a new company called TrueLancer, which is dedicated to freelancing. Truelancer is an established platform where many individuals engage in different types of work.

True Lancers, as they are known, consist of freelancers or those with skills who connect with clients through the platform and receive money for their services.

Do you ever wonder how to connect with clients? The simple answer is to have skills like video editing, photo editing, web development or any other expertise that your clients are looking for.

How to earn Money from Truelancer?

Earning money from Truelancer is quite simple, start by visiting Truelancer website or by downloading their mobile app, then proceed to register an account using your email address.

When signing up on Truelancer, you will need to fill some personal details like your name, email address, and phone number. Additionally, you’ll be required to specify your skills and the specific requirements you can meet.

Upon navigating to the freelancer section, you’ll find job listings. If you successfully offer your services for any of these listings, you’ll need to engage in negotiations with the clients, state your price and finalize the agreement.


Truelancer has already gained popularity across the internet, attracting millions of users. This indicates that True lancer is a platform where Freelancers can work without any problem and this is a real website.

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