Top 3 Ads Watching Website for Students to Earn Money

In the world of Internet and Social Media, Technology increasing Rapidly and because of Internet everyone in India started exploring websites, People do consume content on Social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram.

But do you know that you can make money by just watching Small Length videos like you did on Youtube shorts or on Instagram Reels? well you might wondering how is this possible?

So the quick answer is Watching Ads on some websites where they will pay you handsome money, you might not get money in Lakhs but yes you can easily earn upto 20 thousand a month.

What is Ads Watching Website?

Ads Watching websites are those website where people can get paid by doing simple tasks such as watching ads it could be in Video Format or in Image Format. Ads will be duration based, so you have to watch it till end to earn money from it.

All you have to do is just visit such websites and create your account on them by filling information such as Gmail address, Full Name and Contact Details.

#1 Grabpoints

GrabPoints functions motivate users to engage in activities. These activities encompass a range, such as participating in surveys watching videos downloading apps or fulfilling offers.

The primary form of currency, on GrabPoints is unsurprisingly referred to as “points.” Users earn these points by completing the tasks. The number of points awarded may differ based on the intricacy and time commitment associated with each activity.

Website Link:

#2 Swagbucks

Swagbucks provides users with a chance to earn rewards, for engaging in activities. These activities encompass watching ads participating in surveys watching videos and even searching the web.

Just like other reward platforms Swagbucks allows users to take surveys. The platform effectively turns actions into opportunities for users to gather SB points.

Website Link:

#3 PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel has become a favored option of Price Rewarded Online Platform, even for individuals looking to earn incentives, for their online attempt.

PrizeRebel sets itself apart by providing users with a range of activities. Users have the opportunity to take part in paid surveys watching videos ads and by fulfill tasks available online.

Website Link:


The websites mentioned in this article distinguish themselves in the online rewards industry by providing users with an array of ways to earn rewards and a multitude of options, for redeeming them.

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